Skin Nourishing and Brightening Salve rich in Carotenoids


A non-greasy skin nourishing salve rich in carotenoids (potent anti-oxidants) made with Sea buckthorn berries oil and Argan oil with added green tea extracts.

It is a salve with no added butters nor does it have the greasiness of beeswax.

Net wt.: 16.5 gms



A non-greasy Skin nourishing and brightening salve made from Sea buck thorn berries rich in carotenoids and Argan oil with added green tea extracts. Our salve works its best as rejuvenation skincare when applied to the skin at night.

It doesn’t have the greasiness of beeswax nor does it make your skin feel congested. The orange tint of salve is the natural color of the sea buckthorn berries.

Directions for Use: Use at night time as the last step of your night time skincare routine. Gently glide your clean finger tip over the salve and then lightly massage or pat it into your skin. The salve melts when it comes in contact with body heat. Also, a little goes a long way.


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