Beat the blues with Indoor Plants and by gazing at Flowers

People holding corporate jobs spend around 10 hours of a day in commercial buildings with little or no exposure to natural environment. Most of the corporate buildings are designed so as to improve energy efficiency, thereby reducing the outdoor air ventilation. In addition, gadgets like computers, televisions and microwaves emit electromagnetic radiation that ionizes the air. Extensive wiring without proper grounding also creates high magnetic fields. Added unregulated lighting with absence of sunlight, bad acoustics and improper humidity management, occupants of a building often experience acute health or comfort related effects that seem to be linked directly to the time spent in the building. Such acute condition that starts off and spreads in a particular work zone of a building is referred to as sick building syndrome.

Sick building syndrome causes or is one of the reasons for even psychological problems like work stress or dissatisfaction, poor interpersonal relationships and bad ergonomics at work place. Moreover no interaction with nature for longer periods of time in a day is going to have its repercussions psychologically. Being an employer or an employee you practically can’t do much about the building infrastructure if it has poor ventilation and other above mentioned issues but you can surely do a lot at personal level, more so at your work desk and in your office zone.

pexels-photo-306533Indoor plants at your rescue:

Place indoor plants on your office desk. Studies involving office workers proved that active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress. Participants were asked to interact with indoor plants by engaging in some transplantation activity and it was found that interaction with plants suppressed sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure. It also had soothing and calming effect on their persona.

Tip: Every time you feel stressed and disorganized, spend some time nurturing and caring for the little plant on your desk. As they grow transplant them to bigger pots and place them at your home or permissible areas in your office. Secret lies in you doing the entire transplanting and nurturing work of your plant.

pexels-photoFlower gazing at your rescue:

The calming effect of nature on us is indisputable. The relaxing effect of natural stimuli is considered more advantageous compared with any other stimuli. Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous activity is effective for the relief from stress and gazing at roses has found to stimulate the same. Flower arrangements are best way to bring nature into daily life as it offers contact with nature within the constraints of time and space.

Tip: When stressed gift yourselves roses. If you are allergic to them then good news is that even gazing them from a distance will do the trick, provided you place real flowers not artificial ones.

Walk at your rescue:

flowers-991507_1280A brief walk in park shifts sympathetic/parasympathetic balance and improves mood state.

Tip: Your work deadline is approaching and you feel like you are all over the place with absolutely no idea on how to deal with the stress. The best therapy is to leave aside the work, get out of your work place for a few minutes and take a stroll in an area with trees and lawns.

Forest bathing at your rescue:

pexels-photo-235721This is something you ought to take up at weekends. It is also known as shinrin-yoku which was originated in Japan. You don’t literally have to take a bathe in forest; it is just taking a short, leisurely visit to a forest for health benefits. An experimental study reported that forest bathing increased natural killer cell function and improved immune function.

Tip: You need not fret if visiting forests are practically not feasible for you. Basically just being in the presence of trees does the trick.

So, start off with a trip to a nursery and decorate your office desk with indoor plants. Make it customary to gift each other plants and roses rather than the banal stuff.

You can check this links if you wish to order few indoor plants right now!

Decorative Office Desks Foliage Plants

Pearl Chlorophytum Seeds Potted Plant


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