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Coconut Water is the most wholesome beverage provided by nature to the people of tropics. The more one explores this nature’s Wellsprings the more one is left in awe of its goodness. Not only water even the coconut meat provides immeasurable nourishment.

Nuts of Coconut Palm trees have two edible parts one is the inner white kernel and other is a clear liquid endosperm (Coconut water). An Immature coconut between six to nine months contains about 750 ml of water that eventually becomes the flesh. During the fifth month the kernel begins to form a thin layer of jelly around the inside of the endosperm or shell. Little by little, the kernel grows and replaces the water by cells storing lipids (Coconut meat). At full maturity (12 months) the amount of coconut water that can be harvested from each nut is about 300ml. The composition of Coconut water varies depending on the stage at which it is harvested.


Nutritional Importance of Coconut Water: The nutritional composition of CW is affected by several factors which include maturity state, soil, and environmental conditions

Components Amount per 100ml

Water                     95.5%

Protein                    0.1%

Fat                          ˂ 0.1%

Mineral Matter        0.4 %

Carbohydrate          4.0%

Calcium                 0.02%

Phosphorus           ˂ 0.01%

Iron                         0.5mg

The concentration of sugar steadily increases from 1.5% to about 5.5%, in the early months of maturation and then slowly falls reaching about 2 percent at the stage of full maturity (12 months). In the early stage, sugars are in the form of glucose, fructose and sucrose appears only in later stages which increases with the maturity while glucose and fructose levels fall. So, Coconuts harvested at 8-9 months age have the sweetest taste compared to those harvested on full maturity.

This basic ion composition of coconut can replenish the electrolyte of the human body excreted through sweat such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. It can serve as re hydration drink. According to studies Coconut water can be used as re hydration drink in exercise induced dehydration.

Vitamin Content of Coconut Water: Coconut water contains both Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and vitamins of B group. The concentration of Ascorbic acid ranges from 2.2 to 3.7 mg per 100ml, which gradually reduces as the kernel surrounding the water begins to harden.

Vitamins                Value

Nicotinic acid         0.64 μg/ml

Pantothenic acid     0.52 μg/ml

Biotin                      0.02 μg/ml

Riboflavin              ˂0.01 μg/ml

Folic acid                 0.003 μg/ml

Thiamine                   traces

Pyridoxine                traces

Uses of Coconut water:

Nature’s Gastroenterologist:  If u suffer stomach upset then drink coconut water and see the difference. As it helps in preventing and relieving many health problems including dehydration, constipation, digestive disturbances, malnutrition, fatigue, heatstroke, boils, diarrhoea

Daily intake of Coconut water acts as preventive measure for kidney stones, osteoporosis, and urinary tract infections

Natural anti aging: The important significant and useful components in coconut water are cytokinins. Researchers have suggested the possibility that consuming a rich source of cytokinins, such as coconut water, may produce an anti-aging effect on the body, reducing risk of developing degenerative and age related diseases

For healthy Skin: Splash your face with Coconut water regularly. Nicotinic acid (niacin) present in coconut water acts as natural toner and anti-aging.  Topical application of niacinamide improves the surface structure , shows anti-inflammatory effects in acne, rosacea.

For Skin rashes: Application on the body prevents prickly heat and summer boils and subsides the rashes

For menopausal women: In a study conducted it was proved that coconut water reduced histopathological changes in the brain induced by hormonal imbalance in menopausal women

Natural Source of Calcium and Iron:  Coconut water has calcium , iron and Vitamin B9 (Folic acid). Regular intake improves health and cures malnourishment 

Availability: People living in tropics should not miss out on the goodness of Coconut water. Including it in daily diet improves overall health and wellbeing. Drinking it directly from the coconuts is the best way as it is in its sterile and pure form

In regions where availability is an issue packed tender coconut water is being imported.  Major exporters of the product are Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand

Thai’s Finest 100% Pure Coconut Water

Naked Juice 100% Organic Pure Coconut Water, USDA Organic Certified

Foco 100% Pure Coconut Water

Cocozia 100% Organic Coconut Water


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